Warning Signs of a Bad Moving Company

If you are moving in the near future, you may be thinking about hiring a moving company to assist you with the process. That’s a very wise idea, because a professional moving company can save you a lot of time, hassle and even money. However, in order to reap the advantages that a professional moving company can offer, you need to make sure that you are hiring one that is reputable. Hire a bad moving company and your move could end up turning into a real nightmare. A bad moving company could potentially damage your personal possessions, could overcharge you and may not even transport your items to your new location; talk about horrible!

So, how can you tell if a moving company is bad? Here are the top signs that indicate you are talking to professional movers who will swindle you.

The Reviews

Check out review sits, like Yelp, before you hire a long island moving company. Of course, if you notice that there are lot of bad reviews, that’s a surefire sign the company can’t be trusted; however, positive reviews can be a red flag, too.

If there are a lot of reviews that seem overly positive, the company could be posting the reviews themselves, or they may have hired someone to post the reviews for them. Fake positive reviews are as bad, if not worse, than negative reviews.

There Isn’t an Address


One of the top signs of a legitimate and reputable moving company is if they have a physical location that they operate out of. If the moving company you are working with doesn’t have a physical address, keep on looking. The company could be operating illegally, or could be skipping around and taking advantage of people that the ‘help’ move. Not having a physical address means that you won’t be able to find the movers in the event that you need to locate them.

Poor Communication

Communication is one of the biggest keys to a successful move. If the moving company is hard to reach, or doesn’t respond to messages or emails, cross them off your list of potential movers long island.

You need to be able to communicate with the moving company so that you can set up times and get the answers to any questions that you may have. Poor communication is a sign of the type of service you can expect on the day of your move.

Doesn’t Put It In Writing

You should get estimates and guarantees from the moving company in writing, as this will ensure that the information you have been provided with is legitimate and legally binding. Should an issue arise, you can use that paperwork to verify what the moving company promised to offer.


If a company refuses to put estimates and guarantees in writing, keep on searching because there is a very good chance that you could be swindled.

Moving is an exciting, yet stressful event. Professional movers can ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible; however, if a moving long island company you are considering working with shows any of these signs, it is almost guaranteed that your move will be a huge headache.